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[Siro708] Projects - In The Hall of The Moutain King

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[Siro708] Projects - In The Hall of The Moutain King


Projects - In The Hall of The Moutain King (ZIP)

320kbps - March 2014
Soundtrack / Story / Other


01 - The Ceremony
02 - The Ice Princess Marches
03 - Old Village
04 - The Man In White
05 - A Dance with Frost
06 - Glowflies
07 - Churchyard
08 - Royal Fanfare
09 - Into The Woods We Go
10 - The Castle of White
11 - The Peak of Desperation
12 - The Hollow Dawn
13 - Age of Ice

Total: (38:02)

Artwork by L-B Photography


While making the album, I created a story for the characters it involves. Essentially, this album is more of a soundtrack (I have plans to try
and get an animated film to be made(in a Don Bluth style)). Here is what I have of the story thus far. I don't have everything hammered out
and I have absolutely no dialogue. It will be more of a synopsis than anything else. I haven't written anything seriously in years, so I hope this isn't too bad.
Quick background:

The land is divided up between numerous kingdoms, with the most powerful being aligned with certain elements. The Ice Kingdom is one of the more powerful kingdoms, and has
always been deemed the Protector kingdom. They are the ones behind any effort to save the land/other kingdoms. Before, there were plenty of kingdoms much more powerful than
the Ice Kingdom, however due to the destruction set forth hundreds of years ago by The Mountain King, they have ceased to exist. The Mountain King, was the tyrant who
ruled over the Mountain Kingdom, and wanted to bring all life to bow before him. This of course started a war. Through combined efforts and sacrifices, the Mountain King
was defeated. The remaining kingdoms, severely weakened from the war, struggled to bring everything back to normal, however the golden age of years past would
never be attained again.

Each head of the kingdom usually has a power or control over the element of the kingdom. This is not always the case(as with the Ice Princess,
and other royalty) or it might take some time before the powers begin to manifest. The Mountain King had exceptional control over the earth from a very young age.

Our story begins with a crawling view of an ominous mountain, shrouded in the midst of a heavy storm. |Rain pours down the face, with lightning arcing across the sky.
The view proceeds higher and higher up, to where a faint and macabre chanting can be heard. A light is seen emanating from a crevice in the mountain. Inside, there is a
vicious and abominable ritual taking place. A small troll/ogre in a hood recites ancient incantations, whilst others slit the throats of the sacrifices in order to bring some
sort of evil back from the dead. Symbols on the ground begin to illuminate as the chanting becomes more and more hysterical. Something emerges, and the view pans back to the
mountain, going farther and farther back in the distance.(The Ceremony)|

The scene changes to the Throne Room of the Ice Kingdom. It is a vast room, completely covered in ice. It has a dome for a roof, with minimal decorations, mostly ice
and rock. The floor is circular. Near the end, in the center of the circular room, before the edge, sits both thrones, for the king and queen, with a ramp leading to their
lifted position. In the center of the room, stands a girl. She has long, blue hair, a small tiara made of sapphires and diamonds, with a flowing light blue dress.
She is the Ice Princess. Her mother and father command her to investigate about a potential ritual being held, and to report at once if anything is found. She agrees.
Having never been outside her kingdom, and at that, outside of the royalty of her kingdom, she is quite nervous but decides it is her duty to complete this task, no matter
how frighteningly foreign it may be. |She beings to walk across snowy peaks, tundras and the like to get out of her kingdom(The Ice Princess Marches)|. She finally makes it
to where vegetation is beginning to form.

She stumbles upon a village, very quaint and idyllic. |She walks around town, not paying attention to the gawks and stares from the townsfolk. She can tell that
this village has quite a history to it. Everything feels worn and welcoming. She revels in the sights of the town, the shops, the people. A very interesting experience,
since she has never seen anything quite like it.(Old Villages)| She stops to ask someone where she is, and how to get to the mountain. The villager obliges and she is off

The path she was told to follow leads her into the woods. It is getting quite dark, and she hears a rustling. A small boy comes rushing at her. He says he couldn't
let her leave on her own, especially in a place like the woods. She gets a bit confused and irritated, but decides she will need a guide, because while she has a general idea
of where to go, she could very well get lost. The boy does not shut up and starts to aggravate her, when he falls to the ground. He whispers to tell her to do the same, so
that they are hidden. She does as he tells her, and suddenly sees a |white glow emanating from somewhere further off into the woods. A figure appears, a beings with a glowing
white suit, and black tie. With half a head,and no hands or feet to speak of(visit to get a better idea of what he looks like. It's my
artist picture) he glides along, almost seeking something. She cannot understand but she feels immense dread, just pure instinctual fear. He lingers around for a moment
before finally disappearing into the woods.(The Man in White)| The boy gets up and tells her that that was The Man in White, some sort of mindless spectre. He made a point of
preying upon anyone lost in the woods. No one knew exactly what he did with them, but they knew they never appeared again.

It is soon morning, and they head out, about halfway through the woods, when the Ice Princess is suddenly whisked away. |She sees some sort of figure. A great
ogre in very fancy clothes. They are on top of some snowy peak. He approaches her and motions her to come to him. She lets him take her hand, and they proceed to dance. They do not say anything more feelings are
shared somehow. She feels his malice, but is also curious about whoever this may be and if they have anything to do with the ritual. She feels him give her a promise of
power but as she is quite confused by the whole ordeal, doesn't know what to feel back. The ogre looks a bit sad, and the whole scene dissolves. She had had a vision, with
the boy shaking her to try and snap her out of it. She brushes it off as no big deal and continues the journey.(A Dance with Frost)|

It is night again. She sees a faint glowing again, and drops down, but notices it is a golden light. |She gets back up and sees a mass of glowflies(just imagine really
big fuzzy cute fireflies). They flitter and twitter about, putting on quite the show and she feels happy to have been able to see this.(Glowflies)|

They make it out of the woods without any more incidents. There is a fog upon the horizon, and that is where a town is. They stop by to pick up supplies. Suddenly
a bell rings out. Everyone in the town and boy sullenly trudge towards the bell. It is time for prayer for one of the religions of the land. She decides to watch the procession
to the church rather than participate. She feels very odd about the marching towards the place without as much as an ounce of life. She feels that this religion does not
offer anything practical and positive and starts to dislike the peasants for even adhering to such foolishness. The sermon ends and they all wallow back out.(Churchyard)|

Meanwhile, in a mountain far away, an army and construction are amassing. Workers of all shapes, sizes and races are gathering to help rebuild the once fallen
Mountain Kingdom, and to prepare for the eventual assault upon the world. There are various machines of war being assembled, all sorts of torturing to gain information,
experiments to further the weaponry etc. The view changes to the base of the mountain, where various other things are happening, and it cimbs higher and higher, to a mighty
mighty throne of rock, where the Mountain King is revealed to have been awakened at last.(The Mountain King)|

|Elsewhere, a foolish human prince looks over a forest and at a small town in the distance. He had heard about the Ice Princess' travels. He has this grand scheme of
escorting her to the place that she needs to go, in order to win her hand in marriage. He mounts his horse and rides off into the distance(Royal Fanfare)| (The intent here,
was to create something that didn't exactly fit with the rest of the album, since the prince didn't fit into the whole of the affairs)

|He catches up to her in some other forest. He introduces himself, and gleans that she had visited a witch to find out the quickest way there. At that time
the witch had informed her of the return of The Mountain King and that he needed to be stopped. She also said that the only one to know of his weaknesses was
The Man in White. Rumor had it, he had been around before even The Mountain King, but had become enslaved somehow to do his bidding. The forest they were in was apparently
the path to his castle, where they might learn how to stop The Mountain King. The prince continues to ask more and more questions. The Ice Princess gets so annoyed, she
doesn't realize how nasty and disturbed the forest has become, almost as if it was corrupted. All sorts of disfigured and malevolent creatures swarm on the outskirts
of vision, and the trees are giving off an aura like they want to strangle the life out of all that live. Everyone becomes silent with apprehension as they go deeper
into the dangerous woods.(Into The Woods We Go)| The prince decides to try saying something, at which point The Man in White appears behind him and disintegrates him. The Ice
Princess andthe boy try to move, however are frozen with fear. The Man in White just turns around and goes up a path. The Ice Princess decides to follow him, despite the
protests being issued from the boy. She follows him, until he disappears. They get to a clearing and a castle is seen. They head towards it.

They find a side door, seeing as they have no idea where The Man in White went, and why he spared them. Any other encounters would not be preferable. |They
mangae to get in, and discover great halls, filled with fine furninshings and dust. It was a very rich castle at some point, but had since been left to rot.
She sees photos of a handsome man, ruling a great many people, doing many a great deed.(The Castle in White)| The Man in White appears before them, having some sort of spectral lantern suspended
so that they can see. The boy starts to whimper but the Ice Princess motions for him to stop. They follow him, and The Man in White induces a psychic link with The Ice
Princess. It feels much like the vision she shared of with The Mountain King. She began to learn all about The Man in White. How he had one of the most successful kingdoms
ever to grace the land. How he was strong and dealt with enemies decisively, not leaving room for weakness. She learned how his spirit was much too restless to stay in eternity
so he shed his corporeal form, for that of a spirit since he didn't want to leave. Unfortunately, he lost most of his mind in the process, to where he could barely remember
anything, other than bloodlust. He basically floated around without a purpose, catching whatever would come his way, until The Mountain King put him to use. He had him
decimate his enemies, retrieve information, was basically his most powerful and loyal subject. He couldn't object to it. Until the day the Mountain King was no more, he
regained a few memories, but was back to the listless form he was originally in, until he met her. Their bond grew as the link continued, until the boy began pulling on her,
to get her to leave before it was too late and she was killed. She felt a surge of fury and before she knew it, he was melting right in front of her. She looked at The
Man in White and he just turned around. She followed. He lead her to a small gleaming orb, which she touched and she felt things that she had never felt before(basically
her elemental powers were fully awakened).

The Man in White told her how to reach the throne of The Mountain King, where he would be waiting for her. She headed for the Mountain. His servants did not lay
a hand on her, as she was his invited guest. She reaches the peak(the same peak she saw in the vision) and he begins to tell her about things. About how most everyone is
useless, how he had implanted that seed of doubt about the worth of people in their vision. How he had tried to turn her mother to his side, but her sense of duty held her
back from joining him, and instead killed him. He told her of how weak her mother was, and that she had always regretted what she had done and so she lost her powers because
of that, etc. etc. just trying to get a reaction from the Ice Princess. She gave him none, and prepared to fight him with her newfound gift. He snarls and the battle begins.

|He tried to smash her with his fists, but she is just a bit ahead of him and manages to dodge or nullify the damage, to a point. He calls up walls of rock and boulders
to attack her and hinder her. He is getting the upper hand as her body gets more and more battered. The peak continues to grow and grow and grow, as he manifests more rock,
and snow begins to fall slightly, due to their altitude now. She gets smashed into a pile of boulders and begins to faint, until a single snowflake touches her cheek. She
feels the cold rush through her. She takes a look at him, and no longer is afraid, effortlessly dodging and deflecting his attacks, freeezing and encasing the earth before
it can be used against her, and finally drives a spike of ice into his skull. The fight is over.(The Peak of Desperation)|

|The sun peaks out from beneath the horizon, the sky illuminating into many a brilliant color, as the peoples of the land rejoice(having found out very
quickly through various sources) since the cruel tyrant would not be causing any devastation. The Ice Princess looks solemnly over the land, letting the whole thing
sink in.(The Hollow Dawn)|

|Great billowing white clouds begin to form and spread across the land. Snow begins to fall in copious amounts, covering and blanketing everything. The Ice Princess
has decided that The Mountain King was right, just that he wasn't the one meant to rule. The citizens of all the kingdoms try to mount a defence but are whisked away by the
winds or frozen. The cries ands screams of terror reverberate throughout the air. She walks the same path, back towards her home, The Man in White joining her along the way,
as they both fade out into white, the snow covering the entire view up.(Age of Ice)|

That is the gist of it. Basically, the idea is that The Ice Princess, who has never done anything for herself ever, always at the whims of others, is sent out to destroy The
Mountain King. Along the way she meets people, and soon becomes sick of them through their various ways of doing things(which I didn't go too much into depth with yet
in the main story). The Ice Princess then has a vision of The Mountain King, where he implants the idea that maybe she should start being selfish, and taking things
that she wants, and that he can help her do so. With this seed planted, she starts caring less and less for everyone else. Until she meets The Man in White formally.
With their link, she learns and likes a lot about him. He helps enable her latent powers to be used, but they haven't been fully awakened, nor would he do that
because he wanted her to succeed on her own. If she were to die at the hands of The Mountain King so be it. Then, there is the battle, where her powers become awakened, etc. etc.

The Hollow Dawn is titled as such, because while it was the dawn of a new glorious day, the same outcome was to happen, just with a different person.

Anyways, I know I have A LOT to flesh out in this story, but I hope you enjoyed what I have so far.


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